The coaster was built in October 2016. It was finished in the middle of November. Its a mini coaster with the theme of racing and music. It is located in the Miami area. Better get on the wheel!


You will enter a red tunnel. You will hear cars speeding in the tunnel. You will pass by the lines. When you are at the loading station, you will get on either two vehicles. When you get on, put on your seatbelt. Then the vehicles start to move.


Alvin who is in the speakers says the countdown. When it got to one, the vehicles speed through the tracks. The vehicles sped through tunnels and other stuff. The vehicles sped around left turns and right turns. The vehicles go on bumps. Simon says that it is going on 12 miles. Theodore says that he needs some Cheezy Balls. The vehicles stop near a stop sign. Theodore says that he got some. The vehicles speed out of the streets and goes to the final stop. Alvin says to speed up extreme. Simon gets scared. Theodore also. The vehicles speed through the finish line. Alvin says that its a tie. You will press on your seatbelt and exit out.

After Ride

You can go to Chipping Burger, Chipper Store, or the Dip'n Chip.


It looks red and blue. It has two seats. Each vehicle has two seats.


It looks like a real Miami. It has restrooms which has designs of chipmunks. There are palm trees on sidewalks. On the gate to it, it has a picture of a cartoon Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.