In 2016, it was revealed for the guests that there will be another FunZone park at California. It was located at San Diego. It has rides and attractions that are based on apps. There are water parks and resorts too. It was finished in August 2016. What a fun day inside a app!


Halloween Scare Factor: Its when the whole park turns in some horror apps like Jason and Freddy. You might aswell see Unfriended.

Christmas Rack: Its when you have a rocktastic day at the park with singers like Taylor Swift, Fallout Boy, Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton, and other singers. You can ride some Christmas theme app rides.

Summer Rock' N Roll: Its when you can see many singers in the park and enjoy the fun in the park.

July Fireworks: Its when you see fireworks at night in the park at the Fourth of July.

Water Parks

Angry Birds: Near the Angry Birds resort

Fruit Ninja: Near the Fruit Ninja resort

Temple Run: Near Temple Run resort

Candy Crush: Candy Crush resort


Angry Birds: Nice breakfast, app playing consoles, and a cool water park.

Fruit Ninja: Nice Breakfast, Cool Fruity Juices, App Playing Consoles, and a Freshing Water Park

Temple Run: Nice Lunch and Breakfast, Cool Entertainment, App Playing, and Awesome Water Park

Candy Crush: Nice Dessert, Breakfast, and Lunch, Cool Water Park.