It was opened in 2002. They made different rides or the same one. The company asked some rights for the rides. They also put land on the swamps.

Holiday Events

ScaryZone Studios: A holiday when there are scary zones and mazes. It also has shows that are scary.

Christmas FrozeZone: A holiday when there are snow everywhere. There are also shows about saving Christmas.

New Years Eve Zone: This event has fireworks and shows.

Valentine LoveZone: There are shows that talk about a cartoon cupid.

MarchZone: There is a Leperchaun Rollercoaster that was built in the Ireland section. There is also a show about Saint Patrick.

EasterZone: There are shows about the Easter Bunny and taking photos on Easter Zones.

Summer SplashZone: There is a water park that was built for the zone. It will stay there. There are also shacks of drinks and snacks in the water park.

Fourth Of July: There are fireworks at night and shows

FunZone Celebrate: There is a 3D theater shows that talks about all the rides in FunZone. It was opened in its 15th anniversary.