In July 2017, the company made a remake of Jaws Encounter like the one at Universal Studios Hollywood. Two changes is that it has more extra tour. Another change is that it has more water and fire to it. It is a tram tour but only the Jaws Encounter.


You will enter the "Tram-Ride" building. You will see that there was a shark that ate a man who swimming. You will go to the lines that have the number 1,2,3, and 4. You will get on the tram. The tram moves out of the station.


The tour guide welcomes you to the tour. They show a clip of a horrifying shark but they changed it quickly. They say that they will visit Amity Beach. The tour guide says that they actually caught Jaws and there is nothing to worry about. Then they say that Jaws looks 40 ft long. The tram gets on the dock. The tour guide says that there is (Name) cleaning up the water. Then a shark fin comes out. The tour guide says that there is a shark and tells (Name) to get out. The shark ate (Name) up. The tour guide says that this isn't right. The dock moves away and the water hose sprays everywhere. Fire started to come out. Then Jaws comes out, scaring the guests. The tram moves away but when it turn the left turn they went to another dock. The dock makes the tram fall towards the water. A man in the background says there is a shark. Then gun shots hit the water, wetting the guests. A gas tank falls into the water. Jaws comes out again. Suddenly a huge boom explodes the water with fire. Jaws falls into the ocean with "blood" showing. The tour guide says that they are leaving. The tram moves toward the station but stops. The tour guide tells you that you were great and waves goodbye. They forgot to move towards the station so they did. You will exit out.

After Ride

You can go to Fish'N Sticks, Amity Shop, or Fishing Catch.


Its looks like blue and red together. There are five seats in each ten rows.