In 1996 they started making tours behind the scenes. The first tour backlot was LA Earthquake: Big One. It wasn't only one small tour. It had also Tornado Town. The backlot of LA Earthquake: Big One broke down in 2003 and it needed fix. In 2010, it was part of the Special Tour. In 2016, it had its 21th Anniversary for its years in the park. That means it started to make it renewed inside.


The guide tells you that LA Earthquake had its 21th Anniversary. He/She tells you that it was here in this backlot for years. The tram stops near a stop and then moves. The guide shows a clip about the new movie LA Earthquake. Then after its finished, it enters the backlot of it. The guide tells you that they are in LA. He/She says that nobody needs to panic or get scared. All of a sudden, a small movement starts shaking. The guide laughs weakly. The earthquake begins shaking strong. The guide tells you to hold on. The floor starts rising down, making the half of the tram sliding down. A building starts getting on fire, making the fire roar at the tram. The guide says that it wasn't in the script. The tram keeps on rumbling and shaking. A lampost falls on the side of the riders and explodes of the light. Then the motion stops. The guide says that they are saved. Then a huge water comes falling on the tram, wetting the riders. After that, the disaster goes back to normal and the tram moves out of the backlot. The guide says that it was the new one and the old one didn't have more strong motion. The tram then goes to the next one......

Special Tour

The tram goes in normally. When it enters, you can get out of the tram and can see the structure.