This is a wet area for kids.It is based on Mike (Blue Gem:Water)There are three areas of the wet area.There is an area with water shooters and bucket splashers.There is also a giant bucket while the water pours it in.When it gets full,it drops a huge water.The second area has a fish squirting you in his mouth.There is some sea animals wetting you.There is a shark who is stuck on a pole.When you get inside the mouth,it wets you with water.There is a sea turtle with its shell with water falling out.The last area has a boat.You can go in it.In the first room,there are tubes.If the whistle blows,the tubes pour water.In the second room,there are leaking holes on the floor and ceiling.On the third floor,there is a octopus on the boat spinning water.Mike can be seen on the top of the boat.


The companies said that they need more rides but the workers said that they need a wet area for kids to cool down.The companies did.The only problem is that the bucket gets breaking down but except it was the water pipe.For many years,this area was the best wet area