The backlot was part of the tour in 2006. It had big problems in 2009 and it was fixed for years. It replaced King Kong Destruction. It will be closed in 2018 with another studio. It was not part of the Special Tour.


The tram enters the studio. The guide says that some monsters can be scary or destructive. He/She shows many clips of monsters. It shows King Kong, Godzilla, Blob monsters, Jaws, Aliens, and huge crocadiles. The tram stops near a city. The guide says that it is safe now. Then the highway floor shakes for a little while. A news reporter on the left side of a building says that monsters are attacking. The camera starts to fade by a loud scream of him. The tram falls to the side of the highway. A blob monster tries to grab the tram with electric wires sparking. The tram comes back to the highway. The guide says that they are moving. Then the highway starts to get wet. Jaws and a huge crocadile start snapping at the tram when they got stuck on a electric tightrope. Jaws wets the riders with water. The tram keeps on moving until King Kong shakes the highway. Godzilla pushes King Kong to the highway, making fire explode. The tram gets near the fight. Godzilla shoots smoke at the tram. King Kong waves his fist at Godzilla and roars. The tour guide says that they need to move out. The tram gets out. The tour guide says that it was a huge disaster in there....


Its part of the original tour for Halloween. Its after Saw.