Johnny Cage comes out with Sonya.They said they will be part of the Special Forces.It was been reported that Shinnok and Kotal Kahn are teaming up.It was up to you to stop them.On one reason...some Kombatants will be joining.Jax and Cassie will be in...also Kenshi.Triborg interrupts them.The Triborg said that he also is attacking the riders.Johnny says that he won't with cursing too.Triborg laughs and leaves.Johnny and Sonya tells the riders to meet them at the station


After seating,Sonya will be talking on the ride.Sonya appears to get ready to fight.Johnny then says it might be the 3D effect happening.Scorpian comes out already fighting with Sonya and Johnny.Scorpian shoots fire at the riders too,making the vehicle sway right to left.Scorpian then throws his spear saying ''Get Over Here!''The spear flies to the riders with 4D effect.The vehicle moves to the other screen.Sub-Zero now appears getting his ice sword on his hand.Johnny kicks the sword to the screen.Sub-Zero punches Johnny again and again.Scorpian comes out firing fire at Johnny.Sub-Zero fires ice at Scorpian,making him mad.They both fire,making water.Jax and Cassie tells the riders over here.Kitana gets her fans and spins the riders around.Jax punches Kitana with his metal arms.Cassie gets a gun and shoots Kitana.The vehicle moves to the other scene.Ermac gets straight to the riders telling them a warning.Kenshi gets his sword and fights with Ermac.Shinnok comes out,hitting Kenshi.Kotal Kahn gets in front of the riders with a knife,pointing at them.Triborg slaps the knife off.Triborg gets his blade and points it at them.Johnny kicks it.Sonya tells the riders to hurry up.Scorpian grabs the riders and takes them to Hell.Sonya grabs onto them.A corpse starts pulling them down.Cassie shoots it.Shinnok gets his magical hands and grabs the riders.Jax and Sub-Zero stops him.Takeda strikes at Shinnok and also Ermac.Bo'Rai Cho comes out with Raiden.Finally Bo'Rai Cho drinks but throws up at the riders.Raiden then fires up lightning at Shinnok making him die.Kotal Kahn gets stop from the Special Forces and Triborg gets to be nice after his update.Sonya thanks them for joining them to fight.Johnny says to call him but the ride ends,making Johnny said a s word.

After Ride

You can go to the Mortal Store or come out to take a picture with Scorpian or Sub-Zero.