Okendo's Animation Universe Texas Logo


Okendo's Animation Universe Texas Logo with Characters

Logo with characters from the park.

Okendo's Animation Universe Texas is a theme park made by Okendo Parks located in Houston, Texas. The park contains 6 themed areas.

Themed AreasEdit

Main EntranceEdit

  • Elevator Tower (Intamin Gyro Tower)
  • 3D Action Theater
    • Journey Through Atlantis
    • Ghostbusters 4D Mission

Planet MobiusEdit

  • Sonic's Super Speed Coaster
  • Angel Island Coaster
  • Tails' Spinner
  • Amy's Mini Coaster
  • Cream's Playground

Mushroom KingdomEdit

  • Caterpillar Coaster
  • Bowser's Fire Fall
  • Yoshi's Egg Spin

Digital WorldEdit

  • Myotismon's Revenge Coaster
  • Angemon and Angewomon's Dueling Flight Coaster
  • Journey to the Digiworld
  • Digibabies Playground

Azumanga WorldEdit

  • Azumanga Daioh 4D
  • YukariMobile: The Ride
  • Tomo's Top Thrill Coaster
  • Osaka's Western Slide
  • Kitten-Go-Round

Wet N' BayEdit

  • Soakin' Coaster
  • The Drop of Doom
  • Whale Shark


Nighttime ShowsEdit