In 2017, the company wanted to make two rollercoasters on Red and Peanut. It both started together which Red finished first. Peanut's finished last in May. Its a mini coaster for kids and adults. It has twists and turns.


You will enter Yellow's Area. You will see stuff that Peanut has. He has peanut, honey nut, chili nut, and coffee nut in his area. Yellow will say in some speakers that there is a huge peanut blocking the tracks or the tracks look weird but he laughs that he wanted like that. You will get on the vehicle and hold onto the handle. The ride begins.


The vehicle stops near the tracks. It goes up the high track and runs down to the tracks. It turns to the left turn and goes around the spiral tracks. It twists to the right turn and goes over a peanut prop and goes under the tunnel filled with peanuts. Peanut says that its going to burst. The vehicle speeds around the tracks and goes around the spiral track and runs down to the station. You will exit out and will be given peanut M&Ms in a bag.

After Ride

You can go to Peanut's Peanut Stand where you get peanuts and other stuff with it. You can go to Orange's Pretzel Stand where you soft pretzels with mustard or garlic or get small pretzels. You can also go to M&M Diner where you get breakfast or lunch with M&Ms.


It looks yellow with M&M signature. It has three rows and two seats each.