Greenway Town Edit


PVZ Store - Go to a nearby store. It has merchandise of mugs, plushies, and many stuff.

Greenway Trolly - You can go to the areas faster with the trolly.

Chompers Pizza - Eat some delicious and mouth-watering pizza with different toppings.

Moon Base Z Edit

Moon Base

Spaceship Flyers - Enjoy this flying ride for kids.

Crash-Land Shop - Get some candy and merchandise in the Moon Base.

Light Moon Park

Mine Train Coaster - Go through the mines of the moon filled with drills, diamonds, and gnomes.

Ball-O-Rama - You can play an interactive game of Capture the Holes.

Zombopolis Edit

Laz Vegaz

Attack of Zombopolis: 4D - Join the zombies on a 4D simulator adventure through Zombopolis so they can stop the plants.

Zomburger - Eat a "Brain Burger" at Zomburger.

ZomShop - Go to this gift shop to get Zombopolis merchandise.

Colorful Firework Show - Enjoy this colorful firework show near the Zombopolis Water Center.

Zomburia Edit


Zomburia Zoo - See different kinds of creatures that are animatronics that are captured there.

ZombConcert - See the greatest "zombie" bands of the whole universe.

Dark Carasoul - Some kids can enjoy this fun carasoul.

Garduation Coaster - The zombies are having a graduation. Want to join the fun on this coaster.