It used to be in the tour in 2008. It got replaced by Swallow Falls 3D. It also replaced Extinct Island. The studio is a 3D 360 film. It was part of the Halloween Original Tour. It was there for 5 years. There was one year of skipping for the Swallow Falls 3D.


The guide said that they are going to Italy. You can go wild or the riders. The guide says that they will be visiting a city, Pompeii. The guide shows a picture of it. The tram stops near the studio. The tram waits for a minute and enters. The doors closed afterwards. The studio gets dark and the smell will feel like you are in Pompeii. The guide says that you have to put on your 3D glasses. The screen starts. Each two sides, has different scenes. The tram speeds down the path of the town. There will also be motion. The tram stops when the ground started to rumble, making motion effect. A volcano, on the right side, explodes. The black smoke rushes down to the tram, making smoke effect. The tram speeds backwards with a fireball crashes to the left side, making 3D effect. A citizen grabs on the tram but the fireball kicks him out, making more 3D effect. The lava burns down a house on each side. The houses fall down on the tram, making smoke effect. The lava starts to pour on the tram but the tram speeds backwards from a cliff. The tram falls down to a strange disaster. The tram crashes to the ground, making smoke effect. Another half of the tram (screen tram), slides down to the ocean. The lava pours on the citizens who are buried in ashes. A man runs to the tram but turns into ashes and gets blown away, making 3D effect and smoke effect. The film ends. The guide says that to give an applause for Pompeii. The tram moves out and the guide says that it was cool for them to join. The guide puts music and you can go out when the tram is in the station. You should recycle the 3D glasses.