Johnny comes out.He tells the riders that they will be testing a vehicle of his.He says that there will be safety rule in this ride.Hack then disturbs them.He says that he will get all the riders and fall onto his command.Johnny gets mad that he will never.Hack leaves.Johnny tells them to collect their Robot Hack Glasses.He will meet you at the station


Johnny tells them to get ready when they board on.The vehicle goes to a screen.Johnny says he will press the test button.Instead he press the speed button which makes the riders scream.Hack comes out laughing at the riders.He also points with the 3D effect happening.The vehicle then goes to the city.A hack monster appears attacking the vehicle.The vehicle punches it.Johnny says to go on the construction site.The vehicle goes to the construction site with the monsters chasing them.The vehicle goes inside the unconstructed building.The monster jumps upward to them until a wrecking ball hits him.Another wrecking ball hits the vehicle making it go to the other room.Johnny then says that They are safe.One of his inventions comes out of nowhere.Johnny gets shocked when he saw his Robot Dragon.The vehicle goes back while the robot breathes out fire.The dragon robot finally stops the fire.It coughs until a blade inside his mouth came out.Hack gets enough.He gets to the vehicle with fire in his eyes.Johnny fights Hack with his Hacker Wrench.Hack slaps the wrench to the screen.The vehicle then goes to a scene where Johnny gets a rocket.Hack then tries to get the vehicle until the rocket started to fire up.Johnny flies to the air making Hack duck and also a explosion.Johnny still fights with Hack up on a building.Johnny gets an idea to use the wrecking ball machine.The next scene Hack gets close to the vehicle until Johnny uses the wrecking ball making Hack stuck to it.The riders will see Johnny saying YAY.Hack comes back stuck with the wrecking ball....hit the vehicle down from the building.Johnny hurries and puts his portable trampoline to the ground making them safe.Johnny congrats them helping and said to come back next time.Hack comes back again hitting the vehicle with fog effect ending it.

After Ride

There will be a Robot Gift Shop to buy stuff or go outside.