In 2017, the company wanted to make another mini coaster. It was constructed in November 27th and finished in December 12th. It has both the theme of King Kong and The Jungle. Its the best mini coaster of this park. It has alot of details, creativity, effects, and fun. Hold on your bones because its a wild ride!


You will enter a Skull Cave. You will pass by bone fences and skulls around. You will see the map of the mini coaster. It has Skull Island, The Jungle, Crystal Dungeon, and Safari Wazoo. You will put your stuff in some lockers. You will get onto the vehicle and enjoy it.


The vehicle gets close to the Skull Island gate. You can hear natives cheering in some way. Then the gate opens. The vehicle goes slowly in and runs down the tracks of Skull Island. A T-Rex head shoots out smoke. The vehicle goes up a mountain with King Kong roaring. The vehicle goes around a turn and enters The Jungle. Maxwell can be seen inside his jeep with his machine gun. Maxwell says "Look out" and shoots the toxic tiger. The vehicle runs down the tracks with smoke popping out. The vehicle goes down to the Crystal Dungeon. You can hear a ghost laughing. You will see lots of beautiful and colorful crystals. Suddenly a ghost hologram scares the guests, making the vehicle run out. The vehicle goes to the final world. It enters Safari Wazoo. A skull elephant sprays the guests with water. A skull crocadile comes out of the water and also sprays them with water. A zebra comes in and other kinds of animals. The vehicle goes back to the station. You will get your stuff and exit out.

After Ride

You can go Return to Skull Island, The Jungle Experience, Jungle Express, Skull Bunks, or Rancho Farm.


It looks like a rollercoaster with a skull drawing around the vehicle. It has six rows with two seats each.


The first one was the Skull Island one with the T-Rex shooting smoke and King Kong roaring which was the part of Return to Skull Island. The second one was The Jungle with Maxwell shooting the toxic tiger which was part of the ride. The third one was the Crystal Dungeon when you see crystals and the ghost scaring you. It wasn't part of any rides. The last one was Safari Wazoo where the skull animals appear which isn't part of the rides.