The company wanted to make another water park. It was built for the Summer Holiday. It was constructed in 2012. It was finished in 2013. The Splash Zone was also built in FunZone Canada. It was built in Canada in 2014 and finished in 2015.

Water Bursters

These water holes burst out of holes. It was also in the 4D theater experience, FunZone Celebrate. The water holes burst out of six rows. There is a safety between the eye. It burns the eye. Actually the water burns a little

Bucket Swingers

There is a pole line full of buckets. The buckets has water. If there is too much, it falls down. The bucket swingers will be replaced in 2017 for the new Water Factory

Water Factory (2017)

It will be the new area. The area will have a small room with bucket swingers, water wigglers, squirters, and water bombs. It will replace the bucket swingers area.

Tiny Whirl Pool

It is a area for ages 2-14. The tiny whirl pool is a small pool. It is like the shape of a square but a little big. There will be goldfish squirters also.

Water Tents

This is an area where you go in tents. When you open some of the secert openings, you get a surprise. If you open the back door, you get soaked by buckets. If you open the left window, it shoots you with water bombs. If you open the right door, you get a soaked by a small tsunami.

Water Bomb Wreckage

The area is where you shoot water bombs at people. The guns will include alot of water bombs. You can switch the special. You can use a regular water bomb. You can use a big water bomb which is more soaking wet. You can use the color water bomb. You can use the wobbler water bomb.

Rocket Package

You will enter to a rocket. The rocket will have alot of effects. There are buttons that make waterfalls on the bottom of the rocket. You can do a water bomb to the air. If you find a red button, which is rare, you press it and makes all the water at the water park fall.

All Finished?

You can go to the Soak Up Zone, where you can dry yourself and change. There are slushies and snacks in the other side.