It was first introduced in 1996 when the park opened. It was built when it was the park was being built. LA Earthquake: Big One was the first studio tour to be opened. Then Weather Action came. After that it was Monsters Attack!. The last ones was the Gravity Falls set and Swallow Falls 3D. There were 6 attractions that were replaced.


LA Earthquake: Big One: A backlot with lots of effects and it has motion

Weather Action: An outside tour about weather control.

Monsters Attack!: A backlot about monsters attacking a city.

Gravity Falls Set: An outside set tour when you pass by a set based on Gravity Falls.

Swallow Falls 3D: A backlot with 3D effect based on a food island of Swallow Falls based on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Replaced Attractions

Tornado Town: An outside tour when a tornado crashes into a town. Replaced by Weather Action

King Kong Destruction: A backlot about a city who has been attacked by a large ape, King Kong. Replaced by Monsters Attack!

Extinct Island: A outside tour about a lost island that was extinct. Only one creature still lives.... Replaced by Pompeii.

Pompeii: A backlot with 3D effect. You have to escape a destruction of Pompeii. Replaced by Swallow Falls 3D.

Dinosaur Encounter: An outside tour through a encounter of dinosaurs. Replaced by Gravity Falls Set

Construction Site: A outside view of a construction site until something went wild. Replaced by Tornado Town.

HalloWoods Scary Backlots

Saw's PlayTime Playground: Get into a chaos of Jigsaw's scary outside tour

Crystal Lake: The tram will enter the camp and gets near the lake. Jason will be ready to be there

Invisible Man Outside Tour: You will enter a maze of Invisible Man

Tick Tick: You have 30 minutes to get out the horror of chaos

Walking Dead Alive: You need to survive a dead experience of the Walking Dead

Horror Experience 3D: The tram will enter a backlot with a 3D experience of some of the horror movies.